Found another amazing baking blog!

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Found a new baking blog I like!

Ahh its so awesome. Ill probably spam the blog in a bit with recipes from it. ;u;

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Does anyone have any good baking/recipe blogs they want to recommend?

<3 Anything at all?

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The Prepared Pantry has some amazing resources for baking! Recipes, free classes you can sign up at, newsletters, and you can even buy baking supplies and ingredients! They even have a cinnamon roll mix that someone said is better than making them from scratch. (I know, mixes; the horror! Just seems awesome, haha.)

They have so many things to pick from, I suggest you guys check it out if you want! Theres even free eBooks that look really informative!

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Recipe/baking blogs!

Im always on the hunt for good recipe blogs, and I recently stumbled upon smittenkitchens list of blogs they follow! Theyre all so wonderful and awesome, so if youre looking for good blogs to follow.. try a few of these! :)

And as previously mentioned in another post, is an amazing recipe/baking blog on its own. I reccomend it!

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Smile.: Are you hungry?


I went on and typed in “recipes” to see if there were any good recipe blogs here on tumblr, and sure enough there are. I searched because everyone says I suck at cooking, and so I want to proove that with recipes I could do a fair amount of cooking and baking. All I need is…

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Great cooking/baking site!


My friend found this a few days ago while we were looking for a chocolate cake recipe! 

It’s great. with pictures and everything!

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Food/baking/recipe blogs post.

Just some blogs I really enjoy; figured Id share! :)

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