DIY Flavored Syrups from Annie’s Eats!

I’ve made the vanilla one and it was super easy! Can’t wait to try other flavors. :)

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sour patch grapes.

These are so easy and yummy! If you use sugar free jello they’re an awesome semi healthy snack. <3 I eat these instead of candy and what not now! The cherry version with red grapes taste JUST like those cherry bomb candies.

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Simple Crepes

Recipe here.

Yes, simple! Some people think that crepes are hard to make.. but I just made a delicious batch in under 15 minutes! The recipe is pretty straightforward, and it leaves a lot of room for your own little twists to it. The things I did:

First off, DO NOT mix the ingredients like it says on the recipe. For some reason, its mixed up. Always do your wet ingredients first, THEN add in your dry ones. 

I used 1 cup of milk, instead of doing 1/2 water and 1/2 milk. 

I added 3 tablespoons of sugar, and used a little less salt. If youre looking for a  less dessert type of crepe, dont add sugar! You could also add things like cinnamon, vanilla extract, etc to make them a bit sweeter! Possibilities are endless.

I had these with nutella since thats all we had around. Have them with whatever you like! Enjoy. <3

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Image not by me!

So, I just HAD to share this recipe for anyone who loves Fettuccine Alfredo. I have made it twice now and its just amazing! The only thing I changed was adding a dash of nutmeg and not adding the cayenne pepper. I also used fresh garlic instead of garlic powder. (You can make it however you want, though!)

Tip: If you have a problem with it thickening, add a bit of cream cheese until you get the thickness you want. Make sure to constantly stir this sauce, it helps with the thickening!

Recipe here.

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soft frosted sugar cookies

I made these a week or two ago as well! They really DO taste like the ones you get at the grocery store. (Especially if you let them sit for a day or two.) These are the best sugar cookies I’ve ever had. Everyone ate them in one night!

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(via Pumpkin Spice Pull-Apart Bread with Butter Rum Glaze | Willow Bird Baking)

I made this a few weeks ago, and it was AMAZING. The whole pan was gone in one day! I highly suggest making it. I used a different glaze, but you can use this recipe as well if you want. :)

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Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

Recipe here.

I made this earlier and it’s AMAZING. Definitely recommend it, you guys! No changes to the recipe, just followed it all exactly like it says. Super simple and easy. <3

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Pumpkin Bars

Recipe here.

I made these a few days ago! I only changed a few things:

I added 1/4-1/2tsp more of each spice to the bars, since I like things to be a bit more ‘spicy’ than bland. Also, instead of using only 3oz of cream cheese, I doubled it.. because I prefer having more of a cream cheese taste than a buttery taste to my frosting. Also added a bit more vanilla to it.

All in all, they were DELICIOUS. My whole family loved them, and pretty much half the pan was gone in a day. I 110% recommend this recipe. <3 Great fall/autumn dessert, and it makes your house smell amazing!

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I made the apple crisp recipe I posted earlier, and it was DELICIOUS. No pictures for now, unfortunately; Still unpacking everything from my trip and I’m not sure where I put my camera. I totally reccomend this to anyone who likes apples/cinnamon though! It’s relatively heahtly, a nice sweet treat for dieters! (Like me, hah.)

Could even try to replace the sugar and brown sugar with the splenda (or any other similar brand) alternative. ALSO, please be aware that it seems they messed up the recipe on the site; adding flour to the apples will dry them out! Add it to the topping. If you want it even ‘jucier’, I’d suggest adding a little bit of apple juice before adding the topping. c: 

Super simple, though! I’d say prep time was 5 minutes, and bake time was 25~ minutes, depending on your oven.

Recipe here.

If anyone else has tried a recipe from this blog, I would love to know what you thought of it! Just drop it in my ask and I’ll add it to the #reviews section. :) Thank you!

Picture not by me!

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So i tried the Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls recipe and they were a complete success, just a little time consuming. However, they are completely worth it. So when ever you have the time I highly recommend this! Also thank you for the Chocolate Chip Croissant Recipe, I'll make sure I try these out because i've been on the look out since i saw this movie like a year ago! ;)

So happy to hear that! :) And youre very welcome, I hope they come out well! That recipe seemed to have a lot of good reviews, so I hope they come out alright for you. Good luck! <3

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